Cheetah Cub Cuddly Toy

Cheetah Cub Cuddly Toy


An adorable Cheetah Cub plush safari cuddly toy which has been made with luxurious fabrics making it delightful to touch and cuddle.

A lovely gift for a child or anyone who loves these big cats!

Cheetah cubs are born in litters of up to six cubs. They’re born blind, but open their eyes between four and ten days old. When they get stronger, they’ll play together by stalking, chasing and playfighting with each other. This is really important as they learn hunting skills for when they’re older. Cheetahs are known for being the fastest land animal in the world. If animal Olympics was a thing, they would win gold medals for all the sprinting races. 

  • Height 24cm

  • Tag includes educational animal facts

  • Suitable for all ages including from birth (0+ years)

  • Care instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

  • Naturali and eco-friendly

Living Nature is a family-owned business based in the North East of Scotland. They've been creating soft toys since the 1970’s, after watching their own children delight at the realistic features and adorable ranges throughout the years, in 2005  decided to curate a soft toy collection into the brand you see today.

Children and adults alike love the realistic qualities and the educational features of each toy, with the hang tags which are packed with fun and fantastic facts about the animal. Facts may include information such as habitat, diet and behaviour.

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