A Little Bit of Nooki History....

Cat Scourfield

Posted on March 07 2023

A Little Bit of Nooki History....

A little bit of Nooki history…

The most common question we are asked is where does the name Nooki come from, which to this day neither of us is still really sure. The reasoning for that is possibly wine related, given both our businesses were hatched over wine and food, with sore heads and a little memory loss the next day..

We met in July 2020 at our first “real” job in the bright lights of London, working for a supplier exclusively with Marks and Spencer. Based in the heart of Marylebone, close to the mother ship of Selfridges and a quick hop to Soho, was the dream start to a career in fashion.

We quickly formed a friendship through a combination of long hours, regular nights out and incredible work trips around the world, experiencing the highs and lows of design and manufacturing. Whether it was counting sequins in Mumbai, followed by a quick weekend in Goa or hiding from a typhoon in Hong Kong in a bar, there was always fun in equal measure to the hard work.

Working as heads of design and product, Nooki was a natural progression from designing for customers to creating for ourselves and not that we are control freaks but basically producing what we wanted to buy, with no limitations and our taste level, which luckily has always been very similar!

From hand screen printing bags in our gardens, to hammering up shelves at trade shows and sewing on sequins, it’s always been hard work but never boring. Despite working in the “glamorous” world of fashion, we can both often be found carrying boxes up and down the road in Kensal, organising showrooms or drowning in samples.

At the heart of our friendship and partnership is a sense of humour and an equal willingness to work hard, without which the business wouldn’t survive.

Running your own business is exhausting, daunting, infuriating and exciting all in the space of one day but its made easier by doing it with a partner in crime..

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