Danielle and Kevin create bangle up in 2014. After having worked for 15 years on the development of the Princess Tam Tam brand, Danielle has desires from elsewhere and wants to embark on an entrepreneurial and creative project.

This is how she decided to partner with the son of one of the creators of the lingerie brand, Kevin, who was at the time the manager of a jewelry store. Both of them want more than anything to develop a brand with character, original, recognizable and strong DNA.

A different brand of jewellery.

Straps with a refined design, subtle colours and exclusive prints. Much more than a brand, bangle-up is a real family, a happy family business as Danielle likes to say!

Located a stone's throw from the Saint Martin Canal, at the bottom of a small courtyard, the bangle-up workshop exudes a good mood, just like its jewellery, a real little charm charm.

Multiple sources of inspiration

Travel, fashion, design and architecture are all sources of inspiration for designers who compose new collections every season.

Bangles of all colours, with minimalist shapes and a crazy modernity! In fine gold and enamel, bracelets, cuffs and rushes decorate your wrists for a bangle effect but not bling!


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